While running Chateau du Chiron, I was regularly asked by guests, “how do you do that?”; “where did you get that?”; “how on earth do you manage to make that, I love your . . . .” and my response was always the same, “it’s simple you just . . . .”. It was when my dear friend (and now business associate) Jo said to me, “Jimmy we could really do something here, but you need to think seriously and carve out some dedicated time to make it work” that the seed to create a Simply by Jimmy brand was planted.

And so, now I’ve immersed myself in this new venture, launching Simply by Jimmy to guide and support all those who enjoy the good, but essentially simple life. A Yorkshireman at heart with a love and passion for European flavour, I want to share all my ideas and experience to help everyone cook, design and entertain with my hallmark simplicity and style.